Nieu Bethesda

Maranatha Nieu Bethesda is an exciting new project of Maranatha Streetworkers Trust. We were challenged by the Dept of Social Development to expand our services to the rural areas and we were lead to Nieu Bethesda. The long term vision is to establish a Child and Youth Carte Centre for Primary School Children here to accommodate children from the surrounding towns instead of them having to go to centres in Port Elizabeth. Help us reach this dream by making a donation. We are currently busy with community developmental programmes in the suburb of Pienaarsig.


Toy Library

Maranatha has established a Toy Library, whish will run in conjunction with the Lettie de Klerk Primary School. The school will identify learners that will benefit with reading and developments grogrammes that will assist then in their schoolwork.

Developmental Programmes

Youth Programmes

There is a big need in the community for developmental programmes. We have linked up with youth leaders in the community and are helping them to establish reading groups for toddlers, a mother and toddler group, drama and choir groups. We will also bring the professional team up from PE to present awareness programmes on drug abuse, good parenting skills, child safety and others.


Recreational Programmes

There is very little to do in Nieu Bethesda so we have strengthened the Maranatha Nieu-Bethesda Sports progammes by assisting the Primary School. We also arrange BINNGO sessions, MOVIE nights, TALENT competitions, CULTURAL and SPIRITUAL dances.